Tips om beter te zwemmen

Tips om beter te zwemmen

Have you just started swimming or do you notice that your fitness is not what it should be? Be sure to read this article with tips that can help you.

Exercise regularly

Most people have a hard time sticking to a routine, but this is important to practice the sport on a regular basis.
It is best to swim 2-3 times weekly for an hour or more.

Concentrate on your breathing

Your breathing is important while swimming, especially if you don’t want to be exhausted too quickly by poor breathing technique. This only applies in the water of course, once you are out of the water you no longer have to pay attention to this.

Regardless of your technique or execution of the movements, your breathing must always be tuned to the movements of your limbs. If you have not yet mastered the “crawl”, it is best to breathe every 3 strokes and never on the same side. Once you’ve mastered the technique, breathe every 5 movements so you don’t get exhausted as quickly.

At the breaststroke you breathe the moment you stretch your arms in front of you.

With good breathing you are less likely to be exhausted, you will float better and you improve your balance and position.

Eat and drink enough

By enough to eat and drink we don’t mean that you have to spend a full day at the candy machine. We recommend that you eat and drink something before swimming to avoid an energy dip while swimming.

The message is to drink something before, during and after swimming, as this will also cause you to experience fewer cramps and save more energy. Swimming consumes a lot of calories.

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